Young Tech Entrepreneur, Mac Evans Adenyo designs AI model(macRx) to support Branding, Marketing, Sales & Trade

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December 4, 2019
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Young Tech Entrepreneur, Mac Evans Adenyo designs AI model(macRx) to support Branding, Marketing, Sales & Trade

Mac Evans Adenyo (30) has developed an assembly of low cost, Artificial Intelligence tools that produce quality data harvesting techniques to perform marketing and help in decision making for organisations at a small cost.

With 7 years experience in the IT industry, Mac always had an attitude of a scientist/engineer – observing, experimenting and giving birth to new ideas. When he became aware that most marketers within the African continent had to go through hardships and incur a lot of costs for their organisations in order to reach more people and market to them. However, Mac said he thought for a minute, what if Artificial Intelligence could help with all this?

In other jurisdictions marketers only meet in the boardroom to discus strategies then go apply them, however in Africa, marketers must now go seek people for data, then use that data to strategise later on, seeing as that breeds bribery and corruption, is cost intensive, wastes time, energy and resources, he developed the "macRx" marketing tool. Presently the AI.

The Process of Innovating

Initially he worked with a supply company as a member of a marketing team. Those times were hard, they had to drive around visiting offices and handing out brochures and proposals and not many of those resulted into actual business. He later got transferred to a facility maintenance organisation and worked there as head of IT, there he worked with data until finally deciding to leave the job in the end of 2019. He then began experimenting with his previous experiences in addition to the looks of the future. He finally experimented and and experimented and finally came out with a successful module. He demonstrated it and got encouraging feedback on it’s efficiency and subsequently improved the A.I. by adding new updates and plugins.

The Social Impact

This tool heralds a new revolution in low cost marketing for organisations and companies across all sections of society. Mac Evans Adenyo has developed a marketing model where-in companies can buy the A.I. setup and market or sell the product according to their requirements with the Artificial Intelligence. Many small and medium business (SMBs), corporates and organizations have placed orders for the A.I. machine or have applied to the monthly subscription model.

This way of marketing is new in Ghana already organisations are in line to place more than 200 orders monthly across the country empowering local entrepreneurs and banishing the stigma away from marketing being synonymous with walking under the hot Sun.

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nxtGen Info Tech has been supporting and incubating a number of interesting innovations over the past many years.

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