Akrobeto advises Dr. Bawumia to have time for his wife

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Akrobeto advises Dr. Bawumia to have time for his wife

Television of Thursday, 24 May 2018

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia needs to take a break from his busy schedule and spend a little more time with his wife, Samira Bawumia, Kumawood actor Akrobeto has advised.

The Second Lady said in an interview that due to his passion and commitment to the nation, Dr Bawumia has been over working himself since he assumed his role as Vice President.

She is cited touting her husband saying “Absolutely. I see the commitment. I see the passion in him. It has not waned. He is still that man who wants to serve his country and works for ridiculous number of hours.”

Mrs. Bawumia on the Citi Breakfast Show also indicated that the Vice President “needed that rest.”

In her conversation with the Accra-based radio station she further admitted that Dr. Bawumia’s role takes most of his time, however he spends time with the family when possible.

“Public office does affects family life. You make a lot of sacrifices. There are meetings that run into the night but we understand it is service to the nation. He spends as much as quality time with the kids as possible when he can and when he can’t I am there to pick up,” she said.

But according to Akrobeto, in as much as the Second Lady’s remarks seem like a compliment to the Second Gentleman, it carries a coded message which tells the world that Dr. Bawumia does not have time for his family.

“Although you are commending Bawumia, your statement carries proverbial weight,” Akrobeto noted.

He therefore compelled the Vice President to smartly decode the comments and act accordingly.

“If you work, you need to also go home and spend time with the family because Rome was not built in a day. If Ghana will prosper it will not take a day to happen. So, get a time for your wife because she is proving a point,” he concluded.

Akrobeto aka ‘Who knows tomorrow’ made this observation on a satiric news show he hosts on UTV known as ‘The Real News’.

During his presentation, the actor who has over 100 movies to his credit could visibly be seen battling with the Queen’s language but he managed to reach his final destination in the local dialect amid the errors.

Akrobeto is widely known for his comedic act and rib-racking stage craft so it is not surprising to see or hear him give a laughing pill to viewers on TV and Radio after a hard day’s work.

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